Protect Your Goals Campaign
We wanted to make sure Capital One customers had a plan for life's sudden financial detours. Incorporating High-end direct mail, plus a custom, interactive landing page alongside targeted digital elements. All from scratch, launched in 4 weeks from concept to completion.

I was responsible for the concept, art direction and design.  I worked very closely with our print vendor and web developers to keep the project running smoothly—hitting our deadlines, despite the tight turnaround.
Have a plan for the road ahead.
Expecting the unexpected

Many people haven’t formally planned for financial or health emergencies. Nor have they planned for what happens when they pass away. Even if they have a plan, it may not be as relevant as they think. We wanted to encourage people to reach out to their advisor to help make sure that they have a relevant plan in place. 

Wheel of life

A custom widget with 5 sections that a user
is able to click/tap through with information on topics that are
disruptive financially including: growing a family, leaving your loved ones behind, getting married or divorced, becoming unable to work, and gaining an inheritance.