Internal Branding Concept

Strictly an internal-facing project, the team for the investing line of business wanted to rework their space to feel inspired, empowered and driven to make a difference not only in their clients’ lives, but their own, too. 

I created concept designs for various spaces within the environment to help foster creation, collaboration and inspiration. Ideas include bold colors, new wall graphics, brand pillar messaging, quote walls and interactive components in common areas to help emphasize not only an empowering message, but also bring a sense of connection amongst the various teams.

I was responsible for crafting the overall look-and-feel/design system, mocking up the various placements in Photoshop for easier visualization and presenting the concepts to senior stakeholders.

Main elevator bay entrance

Standard conference room
Named after nearby mass transit stations.
Private conference room
For those situations where a meeting would require more discretion. 
Inspirational quote wall graphics