Cafe Kiosk

This was a project designed to create awareness of investing products and services within a Capital One bank branch located in San Francisco. This branch is about as non-traditional and un-stuffy as it gets with no traditional tellers and a cafe that serves Peet’s coffee.

We aimed to tell an advocacy-based story—that Capital One offers investing solutions for every life stage—through sparse, aspirational messaging and vibrant, authentic photography. 

I was responsible for the design and direction of the signage, kiosk and attract loop motion graphics. 

What if your coffee came with an investment strategy?
Kiosk closeup

I consulted with the development team on the design, branding elements and overall fit and finish of the software that was running on the kiosk's iPad. I also created the motion graphics attract loop that would continuously play when the kiosk wasn't actively being used. You can see some of those images below.